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Lash Lift FAQs

What is a Lash Lift?

Lash lifting takes about 45 minutes, we lift your lashes on a silicone rod or shield for your desired curl or lift, apply a specifically formulated solution, and wait. In the end your lashes are curled up! Results can last 2-3 months and are super low maintenance! Add a Tint to make them nice and dark!



How do you take care of them? Can you wash your eyes? 

For the first 24 hours do not get them wet or apply mascara to your lashes. After the 24 hours is up, you can wash them, put mascara on them, rub them, anything you normally do, you can do with a lash lift. 



I have short eyelashes, will it still work well and look natural? 

Yes, absolutely!



Does it do any damage to your lashes?

There is no damage when done properly. I have been formally trained and monitor the treatment very closely to ensure there is no fringing or damage. The solution I use has been specially formulated for eyelash use and has been under study and development for ten years, very safe!



What happens if you use mascara and makeup remover to get it off daily? What does that do to the treatment? 

You can put mascara on and off as you wish and it will do nothing to the lift or you can get a lash tint to darken those lashes. Stay away from makeup removers that have oil in them. Make sure you use an oil free makeup remover and stay away from waterproof mascara. If you use any of these products it can lessen the time length of your lift.



What is the difference between a lash lift and lash extensions? 

Lash extensions are glued individually to each lash to provide length and volume. They're great and provide awesome lash enhancement with no damage if done properly! Lash Lift uses a specially formulated series of solution lotions to permanently lift each lash so that they are curled up, opening the eye using the lashes you already have. If tinted, they can also appear darker and longer. This is also safe and doesn't damage the lash if done properly. Pros and cons? Those who are used to and love the dramatic effects of extensions may not love the results of the lift as it does not add anything to the lash line, but with lifts you are free to rub, wash, and apply mascara to them. Lash extensions can also become expensive to maintain, as a fill ($75+) every 3-4 weeks is recommended to keep the lashes looking their best. With lash lifts, the results last 2-3 months! At only $100 per treatment, it is definitely the less expensive option! 

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